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Expeirencing Greater book by Sonyia Richardson


"Dr. Richardson invites the reader to embrace, move and grow with God in new ways. This wonderfully written story reminds the reader that spiritual transformation is available to all when we journey with God. If you want your life to be spiritually transformed and you are ready to move to the next level in your spiritual journey, I highly recommend you read this book!"

Portia York, Ph.D.
York Creative Education Group

"Spiritual freedom requires you to remain in a consistent state of surrender. In Experiencing Greater, Dr. Richardson weaves a moving story of spiritual freedom and personal growth. Her protagonist, Royalty, desperately wants to understand and embrace her progression and conversion while on an unknowing journey toward a higher spiritual level. Royalty is detoxing her soul to allow in the transformative presence of Mighty God, ultimately sharing thirty-one combined lessons from her spiritually emerged self, and other inspirational forces along her journey. This book is a must-read!"

Stephanie Thomas, Ph.D.
Thomas Teacher Prep

"Allow the words of this gem to elevate you to the royal position God has placed you because God is your King, and you are God's child. This book will lovingly take you through a journey of dismantling spiritual roadblocks to enjoying freedom once you fully surrender to God. Come out of hiding and into your God-given purpose with Experience Greater: An Intimate Journey with God."

Vikki T. Gaskin-Butler, M.Div., Ph.D.




Sonyia Richardson



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