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Dr. Sonyia Richardson is a highly sought after consultant for diversity, equity, and inclusion training, leadership development, and business consulting services.  As a consultant, she has served local, statewide, national, and international corporations, agencies, and communities.  She is skilled in engaging employees and stakeholders in difficult but necessary dialogue with a range of topics.  Specialty consulting areas are provided below.



Mental Wellness in the Workplace


Justice Equity Diversity & Inclusion


 Suicide Prevention and Intervention

Behavioral Healthcare Business Development


"Dr. Richardson is really amazing. I found her to be open and honest about the topics discussed. She is excellent with the content.  I appreciate her as a human being, respect her as a trainer, and value her knowledge-base."

"I enjoyed having Dr. Richardson as an instructor. She is very open and transparent and I just love that about her. She expresses her greatest and personal thoughts about being an African American woman and therapist. She has become a role model for me as an African American woman."

"This training exceeded my expectations. Dr. Richardson has a unique talent for teaching in a way that can be applied directly to real-life experiences. I could not have asked for a better instructor and mentor."

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